My name is Holly and I am currently in my second year of medicine at Sidney Sussex College. I went to a state school in Edinburgh that sends very few people to Oxbridge. My school didn’t know very much about the application process so I had to carry out a lot of my own research. I decided I wanted to apply to Cambridge after attending the open day so sat the relevant entrance exam for medicine (the BMAT). Although I thought the exam hadn’t gone very well, I applied anyway thinking it would be a great experience to just get an interview. To my surprise, I actually got an offer! Now at Cambridge, I am involved in many societies, including the mountainering society and the ceilidh band and am enjoying the many opportunities that Cambridge has to offer (both academic and social). I want to encourage any Scottish student who is thinking of applying to Cambridge to do so, no matter how far out of reach they think it is. Cambridge welcomes students from all across the globe (including bonnie Scotland!).