Hi! I’m James, I’m studying music at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and I’m from Edinburgh!

It took me a while to decide to apply to Cambridge. I’ve always loved playing music – and I enjoyed studying it at school – but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it as a hobby or take it further. And then came the confusing choice of universities, each offering a different blend of academic and practical elements in their courses – let alone the options for study at conservatoires.

I chose to apply for music at Cambridge due to its ideal balance of broad academic study with options in performance and composition, the ability in your second and third years to gradually focus on whatever interests you most, and the feel of the city itself when I went to an open day. Having only started here in 2020 (in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic), I haven’t yet experienced all of what the university and the city have to offer – but I’m already loving it here! Cambridge is an incredibly diverse and inclusive place, and no matter what your background, you’ll be made to feel part of the college and university community.