Interview Videos


Cambridge Interview Myths (students’ experiences – 4m50s)

Preparing for Interviews (3m18s)

Preparing for your Online Interview (3m 15s)

What to Expect at your Online Interview (6m 21s)

The Interview (mock interviews – 11m47s)

General and Geography, Human, Social and Political Sciences, Natural Sciences and Medicine

Pitfalls and Mistakes (students’ experiences – 3m57s)

Admissions Tutor Tips  (29m28s)

Purpose of Interviews and Sample Questions, Oxford (39m 30s)

Supervisor Tips (8m 34s)

Subject Specific

Example Law Interview, Oxford (23m 15s)

Example Engineering Interview (44m13s)

Example Computer Science Interview (25m 51s)

Example Computer Science Interview (15m17s)

Example Medicine Interview (13m15s)

Example Medicine Interview (19m 33s)

Example History Interview, Oxford (17:40)

Example Human, Social and Political Sciences Interview (14m 32s)

Example Geography Interview (11m 22s)

Example Economics Interview (6m 39s)

Example Economics Interview, Oxford (13m 21s)

Example Economics Question, Oxford (18m 45s)

Example Modern Languages Interview (19m 39s)

Example English Interview, Oxford (44m 11s)

Example Biological Science Interview (15m 11s)

Example Biological Science Interview (13m 16s)

Example Chemistry Interview, Oxford (23m 03s)

Other Videos

Super-curricular Activities (22m 54s)