Cambridge and Scotland

Cambridge University has made significant advances in broadening the socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds of the student population over the last few years. Scotland’s representation remains disappointing, however, despite a very long tradition of producing eminent Cambridge graduates..

Scotland now has the least number of applications to Cambridge, per capita, of all the 12 countries and regions of the UK. Wales had 60% more applications per capita than Scotland in 2019; the North-East of England had 108% more. We even have a lot fewer applications in total and per capita than are received each year from Singapore and Hong Kong whose students pay a lot more than those from the UK but see the investment as very much worth it.

This is not just about tuition fees – see section following on Can I afford it?

Furthermore, our success rates in converting applications into offers and then acceptances are the lowest in the UK. Both Wales and the North-East of England were almost twice as successful as Scotland in converting applications to final acceptances in 2019.

So our challenge is in two parts:

  1. to increase the number of applications to Cambridge
  2. to help applicants win offers.

Further details on Cambridge University Admissions statistics can be found by clicking on this link.

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