My Cambridge Application (was SAQ)

Following on from your UCAS application you will be invited to complete My Cambridge Application, the link for which will be sent by email once the application has been received. This return is largely factual and requests information such as eligibility for free school meals, class sizes, topics being studied and details of part-time employment and any teaching difficulties. There is also an option for a Cambridge specific personal statement which gives a useful opportunity to elaborate on why you specifically want to study the course you have chosen. This information is used alongside your home postcode and school-based measures, so some corroboration in the teacher reference can be helpful. Click on the link above for further details.

Applicants can make additional comments relevant to their Cambridge application, for instance to highlight particular features of the Cambridge course that attracts them.

Extenuating Circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Form is very important to highlight for Admissions tutors

  1. the context against which they can judge the academic record of an applicant
  2. any information useful in assessing an applicant’s performance at interview.

These submissions are intended to highlight contextual data useful in the Cambridge admissions process.

You are strongly recommended to identify any circumstances that might have adversely affected your education including disability, illness, long absences or other disruptions.

School/college reference

A reference is expected to give an independent view of your abilities and potential. If you have difficulty in obtaining this, contact your chosen College for further advice.