Why Cambridge?

The United Kingdom is blessed with many fine universities, several of which are in Scotland, but only two rank consistently amongst the very best in the world, Cambridge and Oxford. This initiative is designed to help Scots get into Cambridge.

What you get

  1. The University ranked fifth in the world in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and first in the UK in the Complete University Guide.
  2. The University Is renowned for small group and individual tuition led by world experts.
  3. The University operates a highly supportive, stimulating and engaging Collegiate system, a home away from home that offers a lifelong connection. Students benefit from two layers of academic, pastoral, social and recreational support from the University and from the Colleges.
  4. The non-continuation (drop out) rate at the University was 0.6% in 2019-20, the lowest of any university in the UK and well below the national average of 5.3%. (HESA).
  5. The University ranks No. 2 in the world overall in the QS World University Rankings. and 11th in the world in the 2022 assessment of graduate employability.
  6. Cambridge is a very pleasant – and relatively cheap – place to live and work, where all parts of the University are within easy reach on foot or by bicycle.

Why Cambridge for Scots?

Cambridge, as noted above, is one of the best universities in the world, however you look at it.

No matter what the future holds for Scotland, it is important that our best people get the best education to fulfil their potential for themselves and for their communities. Going to Cambridge is about getting the best and is part of a long and bold Scottish tradition of engaging with the world beyond the country’s borders to make a mark, both personally and nationally. Getting more Scots to Cambridge is beneficial for Cambridge and for Scotland!